Friday, 27 October 2017

Add and Sub fractions with the same numerator


LI: add and sub fractions with the same numerator
Today i had to add and sub fractions with the same numerator and make a fraction poster.



Today we had badminton for kiwisport our teacher was Kevin. The first thing we done was play stuck in the mud. There version of stuck in the mud was different there rules were instead of crawling under them we had to clap between their legs and tap their hand to get them back in the game. the taggers were Mele and Nyjah they were good but i didn't get tagged much times but i freed some of the players. Then after stuck in the mud we got taught how to do forehand and backhand Position. Then after that we had to do it my our self the forehand was easy but the backhand was had to do. After we got taught how to do the forehand and backhand we had to try juggle it with the forehand and backhand position.

Next we had to do trick shot that the racket has to go around your back and the racket has to hit the shuttlecock the second trickshot was you have to hit the shuttle with the racket going under your leg. The first trickshot was hard but i got a hang of it. The second trick shot was hard it took me a long time to get but i still couldn’t get the hang of it.

After the trick shot we had a juggling competition we had two rounds the first round was easy but i couldn't leave my shuttle in the air that long but the winner was Julian. The second round was hard we had to alternate with the forehand and backhand position it was hard but i still didn't last that long but the winner for that round was Jonathan. At the end Julian and Jonathan had to verse each other Jonathan had lost and Julian won.

LI: To revise a recount writing
Today i had to write a recount about kiwisport. The kiwisport was badminton it was so fun we done trickshot. The trickshot i liked was the one that goes around your back.

Friday, 20 October 2017

The Production

Today we had to do a recount about The production that Panmure Bridge school done last term. The Production was to dance threw the decides.  

Our Local Community

Today i had to do a diagram about our local community. The first thing we had to do was make a circle diagram with our local community. I made 4 circles the inner circle was our family, the next circle was who we meet nearly everyday, the third circle was people we don´t know but still exist, the final circle is the same as the third one.