Thursday, 21 March 2019

Blog post Data Analysis - Maths

As part of our goal setting for 2019 we have been analysing the number of times we have posted on our blogs. My data shows the number of the blog post I made each month since 2015. To help us set goals we worked out the averages for our blog posts each year so we could see if we were going to reach our targets. I have set a goal of having 200 blog posts this year.

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Boy on a bike

Today I have being doing Reciprocal Reading. We read a text called A Boy on a Bike. My Reading group has Me Jonthan, Alice, Jayden, Karlos, Giovanni, Chavda , Joel, Sakina, Villami, Avalon. We all created our own DLO. In the book I was  looking for where Craig and Mac Went and What They ate. Craig And Mac Went From Cape Reinga to Wellington in Eleven Hours Fundraising $7,000 For the St john Chariety.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

Kiwi Sport

Today for kiwi sport LS2 were playing Ki-O-Rahi. the rules of this game is simple there would be 2 teams one as a runner and the other as the Taniwha which they had to throw the ball at the rock in the middle. The people that are running would have to touch each poe that were formed in to a wide circle. Well they are running the people that are throwing the ball they would have to hit the rock that make them stop and carry on with the next person.