Friday, 12 April 2019

WW1 Transportation Ship

This week My group and I made a DLO about the WW1 transports ships but some people call them troop ships. The purpose of this DLO was to make sure everyone in the group had a turn to talk about the information and saying it in their own words, but the main thing this group DLO was about was collaborating together as a team to succeed. My group and I wrote about how many soldiers were in the transport boat, What boat did the soldiers use for transportation and how long does it take to get from NZ to Egypt. On the sides we just wrote down some information.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Continents Around the world

Did you know Greenland is apart of North America. This week Karlos and i worked on a DLO about the seven continent of the world such as North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australasia/Oceania and Antarctica Those are all seven continents. Asia is the biggest continent with 54 countries and is also the hottest in the world and Africa the second largest with 48 countries and Antarctica is the coldest.

Siri Writing

This week for writing some of the students in LS2 Made a screencastify about  how siri would react if we  asked her Why is kokako lodge a great place  to take yr 7/8 students on camp? Karlos (My partner)  and my answer was "I think kokako lodge is a amazing place for year Seven and Eight Students to take to camp so they can learn new things, they would have fun because the activities. Throughout camp they communicate and collaborate to each other in each activity like high ropes which some people face their Fears." I think that our answer is right because of how we said they Learn new things