Monday, 18 December 2017

Summer learning journey Activitie 1

Today for the summer learning journey i had to read a short story and after that we had to write three facts about Maui. These are my three facts.

Fact 1:
Maui used his grandmothers jaw as a hook.

 Fact 2:
Maui Caught he biggest fish out of his four brothers.

Fact 3:
Maui Punched his nose and used his blood as the fishes bait.

LI: To write three facts about Maui.


  1. Hi Te Pounamu,
    My name is Patricia Santos and I will be blogging with you for the Summer Learning Journey.
    That is great that you completed activity 1. I like how you clearly state the 3 facts about Maui and also added a LI, good job!
    Do you know anything else about Maui? It would be good to see you expanding your written and share with us some other interesting information that you may know.
    Kia kaha,


  2. Kia Ora Te Pounamu

    My name is Jolie and I go to Glen Innes School. I am also doing the Summer Learning Journey which is great. I love your facts about Maui they are very interesting. Have a great holiday and Christmas :)