Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Summer learning Journey Activity 5

Today i had draw what i would like to do as my dream job.

This is my dream job.

My dream job is playing basketball  for the golden state warriors because my favorite player is in the golden state warriors.

LI: To draw a picture of my dream job.

Summer learning journey Activity 4

Today i had to compere my house with something called a wharepuni.

Similarities: My house is orange and brown like the Wharepuni.My house is a big house.

My house is a two story.My gouse is squared not like the Wharepuni.My house has a door and a glass window.

LI: To compere my house with a wharepuni.

Summer learning journey Activity 3

Today i have to write a short wither we like waka ama or not and why we like waka ama or not.

I would like to be participated in waka ama because it looks fun and sporty.

LI: To write a short story about waka ama and if we like it or not

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Summer learning journey Activity 2

Today for the summer learning i had to write a letter to my friend about me going to another country
Hi Lukah i'm going to this country called aotearoa. it is very far and i'm very very nervous to go to this country. my voyage is gonna take a long long time but can you come to new zealand and visit me.

LI: Write a letter to my friend about me going to another country

Monday, 18 December 2017

Summer learning journey Activitie 1

Today for the summer learning journey i had to read a short story and after that we had to write three facts about Maui. These are my three facts.

Fact 1:
Maui used his grandmothers jaw as a hook.

 Fact 2:
Maui Caught he biggest fish out of his four brothers.

Fact 3:
Maui Punched his nose and used his blood as the fishes bait.

LI: To write three facts about Maui.

Friday, 15 December 2017

That's my money

LI: To manage finances and profit.
Today for Maths we made a kind of bank account called That's My Money. I had to learn how to save my money wisely and to make it. I went in to the negatives. I have also learnt that I should go the right way not the opposite way so that you wont be behind everyone else. We had to do this for 2 week which this week is the end of week 2. Everyone had a lot of fun getting money by doing work. This has helped a lot of people for Maths because we had to make DLO's and show it to Mr Wong so that he can give us money so we can get richer.

Kiwi sport

Yesterday was the last day of badminton. We played a couple of games and the first one was octopus. We played a 1 vs 1 game and I beat everyone except for Kevin. I almost won against Neveah but kevin told us to stop so he won the last round. Then it was 2 vs 2 I was with Neveah and we nearly won ever round I played but then we got out by Julian and Alex.

Then we had to go and line up in a line then we all said good bye To Kevin.

Twas the night before a Christmas

“Twas the night before a Christmas”

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, my growling loud Junior chasing a mouse. Eating the stocking and leaving a mess everywhere, that angry loud sound he’s like an old grumpy bear.

All the kids were sleeping for the day of Christmas and also to my nieces birthday, coming her way, when junior woke up he saw some present with my brother name but are my dilly dolly games. When he went he said “HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND ALL A GOOD NIGHT”.

LI: To make a remade version of "Twas the night before Christmas".
This is my Christmas poem its a short and simple poem to read. it was kind of hard to make words rhyme but it was easy to explain all the rhyming words.

Food productions and delivery has been lost!

LI: To make a generalisations about the impact of a group in our community.
Today for inquiry we were making a speech about health,food production and delivery and Government services. I was doing Food productions and delivery has been lost. We had to explain what would you do if there was no food production. I explained how Food productions and  delivery has been lost have been lost. 

Thursday, 7 December 2017

What three things would you do if a baby could make people invisible

What three things would you do if a baby could make people invisible

One day In a country called New Zealand. There was a couple who lived in a place called Christchurch they had to travel from Christchurch to Auckland. The next day was the trip day they went from Christchurch  to Auckland.

It took them 1 hour, 20 minutes to get from Christchurch to Auckland. After the 1 hour, 20 minutes the wife Abigail had a baby at auckland hospital her baby's name was jack.

As he grew he got super powers. When he turned two he and his parent had just noticed that jack had super powers his parents knew that he had super powers because he made his parents IIIINVISIBLLLLLLE!!!

As he grew older and older he got more powerful and then finally he had a challenge with a powerful and evil little boy he was twelve and jack was only turning twelve. Jack accidentally killed the twelve year old boy and made him invisible, Jack also left with a lot of victims.


LI:To write a narrative story about a baby who can make people invisible
Today i was writing a narrative about what three things would you do if a baby could make people invisible.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The fire station visit

The Fire station

Today me and my class went to the fire station in mt wellington. When we got there to tour around there trucks and the rest of the fire station. We first started talking about there gear and smoke alarms after that we went to the trucks and four people got chosen to hold the hose and spray it but we couldn't hold the bigger one's because it was to strong. Then we got wet by the hose and it was amazing It was like it was raining but it wasn't raining. It really felt like rain. Then we started asking questions about the truck and the gear then it was time to leave I had an amazing day at the fire station. the one thing i loved about the fire station was all the different hose's.

Friday, 10 November 2017

3 wheel decides

LI: To use the Probability using the number of chances.
This week we had to make three names with any subject. the three subject i done was who is the coolest boy who is the coolest girl in ls1 and the last one was who is the best teacher in LS1 or Ls2.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Add and Sub fractions with the same numerator


LI: add and sub fractions with the same numerator
Today i had to add and sub fractions with the same numerator and make a fraction poster.



Today we had badminton for kiwisport our teacher was Kevin. The first thing we done was play stuck in the mud. There version of stuck in the mud was different there rules were instead of crawling under them we had to clap between their legs and tap their hand to get them back in the game. the taggers were Mele and Nyjah they were good but i didn't get tagged much times but i freed some of the players. Then after stuck in the mud we got taught how to do forehand and backhand Position. Then after that we had to do it my our self the forehand was easy but the backhand was had to do. After we got taught how to do the forehand and backhand we had to try juggle it with the forehand and backhand position.

Next we had to do trick shot that the racket has to go around your back and the racket has to hit the shuttlecock the second trickshot was you have to hit the shuttle with the racket going under your leg. The first trickshot was hard but i got a hang of it. The second trick shot was hard it took me a long time to get but i still couldn’t get the hang of it.

After the trick shot we had a juggling competition we had two rounds the first round was easy but i couldn't leave my shuttle in the air that long but the winner was Julian. The second round was hard we had to alternate with the forehand and backhand position it was hard but i still didn't last that long but the winner for that round was Jonathan. At the end Julian and Jonathan had to verse each other Jonathan had lost and Julian won.

LI: To revise a recount writing
Today i had to write a recount about kiwisport. The kiwisport was badminton it was so fun we done trickshot. The trickshot i liked was the one that goes around your back.

Friday, 20 October 2017

The Production

Today we had to do a recount about The production that Panmure Bridge school done last term. The Production was to dance threw the decides.  

Our Local Community

Today i had to do a diagram about our local community. The first thing we had to do was make a circle diagram with our local community. I made 4 circles the inner circle was our family, the next circle was who we meet nearly everyday, the third circle was people we don´t know but still exist, the final circle is the same as the third one.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Troll Inferring

LI: To infer information about a character. I learnt that the trolls have a scary faces and I also learnt that inferring means talking about the character like his actions, quotes, what the trolls thinking about and what i knew about the character. How I learnt this was by doing the task that i have done.

Maths Art

LI: To create a piece of art using: rotation, translation, and reflection. Today I was making my plan for my art work planing on this you have to make your art work and plan about it I haven't did it yet so you might see what it looks like next week.

Hauora Mix and Match

today about Hauora and the four wall of hauora. I learn it by watching a video. It told us about Taha Tinana, Taha Hinengaro, Taha Whanau and Taha Wairua. After the video we do this game you had to put what think went in each box.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Persuasive speech

LI: to create a persuasive speech.

Today I did three topics of persuasive writing. My three topics were free time, shorter days at school and no uniforms. It was fun doing the work and exiting to do it.

I learned by filling out the questions with my topic on the google doc.

Friday, 18 August 2017


 LI: To Create our own advertising
today i learnt how to make a tv advertisement. First i had to record us in Clipchamp then we had to act our name of our products was JKR Handball. It was smiler to a Handball but different.

3D nets

today i learn how to make a 3d nets i first got a 3d shape then we had to get our math book and copy the shape to each side.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Re-search the author

LI: to interact and comprehend a range of narrative text

Today with my group we had to research the author of our book. The name of my groups author was Roald Dalh. He had a very interesting lifestyle. He is a very funny illustrator i like how he illustrates his books because he imagines how he wants the stories to be.