Thursday, 20 September 2018

Spaghetti Bridge testing

 2nd Group

 1st group

 2nd group Testing

 1st group Testing

Today for Inquiry Ms Kirkpatrick's inquiry group has been building bridges out of spaghetti for the past two to three weeks. It was a challenge, but today we managed to finish it. For this task I have been working with two groups which is Jeremiah, Christopher, and Ofa and Jack, Sanujan and Jericho. The First group I was with (Me, Jack, Sanujan and Jericho) Built a truss Bridge which could hold Seven bricks. The Second group I was with (Me, Jeremiah, Christopher and Ofa) built a Cantilever Bridge. Sadly it could only hold one brick. It was a fun day and a fun three weeks building the bridges.

Tuesday, 18 September 2018


Last week we learnt on how to use exponents and how to use Squared and cubed which are the two powers for the exponents. it was fun, i liked doing this because it is new and different I think other people should try doing this.

HIIT training

Last week on Thursday for HIIT training we done Tap steps, Push ups, Star jumps and sit ups. The reason why we have been doing this is because AUT let us do a research for them about our fitness this was  a fun experience because i like exercising a lot. Today was the last day we have have been doing this twice a week for fifteen weeks or three months and three weeks which is a long time. Our fitness changed  and it was harder to get puffed then the first time we done it. The Research was called pau te hau which means get puffed and for the whole fifteen weeks we did get puffed.  

Features of a visual texts

Today for reading our group (Motuihe) had to find were the arrows go it was fun and hard. This week the book was about people on earth it was hard but it got easier, today our group got our own books to place the arrows on it and it was easier then last weeks one.

Monday, 10 September 2018

Goldilocks Pick a path story

Please try my pick a path story.

Here is my pick a path story. I made a Goldilocks pick a path story I like this story because it was a new experience and I want to do this again because it is fun, new and interesting. It  is a awesome way to do a writing lesson. I think everyone should have this experience and have fun.

Features of a visual text

Today for reading our group (Motuihe) had to find were the arrows go it was fun and hard. This week the book we used was great scientist it was hard but it got easier I liked what we done today because it fun.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

The Kiwi Kapers Orchestra trip

Today we went to the Kiwi Kapers Orchestra (Auckland Town Hall), LS2 watched three performances by the Auckland Philharmonia  Orchestra group. After the Orchtestra We watch a performance from St kents and Te kura kaupapa o te Ngatapawae all the performances were in the Auckland town hall and we also watch two solo-est, The first one was an opera by a male And a solo by an cello est. The sections in the Orchestra Were The Brass, Woodwind, String and Percussion in the Brass there is the french horn, trombone, trumpet and the tuba. In the Woodwind There is the flute, clarinet, oboe and the basson. In the String There is the harp, violin, viola, cello and the double bass and in the percussion is the drums, cymbols and the triangle.