Friday, 5 July 2019

Tech - Food

For tech today we completed our last session for Term 2. with our teacher Mrs Heka, who takes care of food tech show us how to cook traditional food queasiness. Today we cooked Chop Suey from the Samoan culture. This rotations theme is all about cultural food. Since there wasn't an equal amount of students in food class, My group : Joseph and i. Each person had their own roles to complete. Joseph and I worked together to make sure that the food was done properly, and that the main ingredients were prepared to be added in, while i was dicing the onion, chicken, and garlic. The equipment that we used from our trolley was: medium bowl, measuring cups/spoons, knives, Yellow and green cutting board, big pot, strainer, fork, and serving spoon. The ingredients were: mixed veges, chicken, soy sauce, boiling water, oil, vermicelli, and salt. We were told to remove the pot from the heat every 2 minutes, because of the stickiness from the chicken and vermicelli. At the end of the session, as always we cleansed down our top/bottom benches, especially the stoves/cum tray. While we were cooking our chop suey, Mrs Heka was getting the rice prepared and then we dished it which looked so deliciously delicious. 

Thursday, 4 July 2019


Today we did HIIT. We worked on building our upper body strength and increasing our heart rate. The activity that we done was push up, pull up and mountain climbers. We worked collaboratively with a buddy so that we could encourage each other to do work hard. I found pull up hard because it drain all you energy to push your self up. We also had a challenge to do and it was going down to do a squat if the song say bring sally down, the song that we use of the challenge is the son is bring sally up. Also I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Ogilvie for doing the lesson with us. 

Subtracting Decimal Maths game

This morning I finish off my maths game and present it to LS2 I also had to work on calculating my decimal questions properly because some of the answers were wrong or i just got the numbers muddled up for the equations. This was a really fun task because it can show how well i worked on these decimal problem and making my character decimal man was even better then the other stuff.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

RNZB Experience

Yesterday LS2 had a amazing experience doing ballet and the dance we done was the entrance for Black swan, White swan or swan lake it was fun and the routine we done was using Tchaikovsky wonderful music which sounded interesting and soothing. What we done was good but to fast for me but it was alright i liked when we done the ending because it was fun and a amazing experience for LS2 and thank you to Miss Jones who made this Amazing ballet Experience happen and thank you to  our instructor Chloe from RNZB (Royal New Zealand Ballet) for teaching us how to do the basics skills of ballet and we are grateful for the amazing experience.

Monday, 17 June 2019

Waltzing Matilda

We were unpacking the literary devices and language in Banjo Paterson's very famous poem Waltzing Matilda and we also were finding out different words like jumbuck witch is a sheep and other things like Waltzing, Matilda, Tucker bag, swagman and billabong those were all the words that were used in the poem Waltzing Matilda. The poem was quite a cool poem because it also tells a story about the struggle of living when you have no money in the 1880's.        


Friday, 7 June 2019

Tech - Food

Today Miss Heka Wasn't here so we had Miss Alice and for two hours we done paper work with crosswords and and word searches which was fun and interesting. 


For gymnastics this week we practiced doing the activities with 3 rotations. This week the rotations included different activities to build up our techniques. At one of the rotations I found doing the dive roll easy because I was so confident at doing the dive roll after the jump. When we back to gymnastics next week I am going to work hard be confident at taking risks in gymnastics because that way I will start building up my techniques.