Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The fire station visit

The Fire station

Today me and my class went to the fire station in mt wellington. When we got there to tour around there trucks and the rest of the fire station. We first started talking about there gear and smoke alarms after that we went to the trucks and four people got chosen to hold the hose and spray it but we couldn't hold the bigger one's because it was to strong. Then we got wet by the hose and it was amazing It was like it was raining but it wasn't raining. It really felt like rain. Then we started asking questions about the truck and the gear then it was time to leave I had an amazing day at the fire station. the one thing i loved about the fire station was all the different hose's.

Friday, 10 November 2017

3 wheel decides

LI: To use the Probability using the number of chances.
This week we had to make three names with any subject. the three subject i done was who is the coolest boy who is the coolest girl in ls1 and the last one was who is the best teacher in LS1 or Ls2.